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RCMP went silent about massive pot bust over concern for marijuana producer’s stock price, documents reveal

In the spring of 2014, RCMP officers in Kelowna, B.C. prepared a press release about a big drug bust at the local airport. It described how investigators had intercepted two shipments of marijuana of “unfathomable quantity” that were bound for a couple of licensed cannabis producers in Ontario. The press release, however, was never sent. […]

If cannabis is having any dire health effects, Canadian hospitals haven’t seen them

More than half a year in, Canada’s relaxed cannabis laws appear to be earning a clean bill of health from major medical organizations. While many hard numbers on health shifts are not yet available, some of the country’s largest mental health and emergency centres say the new laws have dumped no discernible increase in cannabis-related […]

Workplace Deaths Fell 34% After Medical Cannabis Legalization

Critics who love to fret about legalization’s effect on workplace safety—you’re fired. Medical cannabis laws are associated with a staggering 34% decline in workplace deaths for adults age 25 to 44, a new study finds. The reason? Those workers might be drinking less alcohol and taking less pills due to legalization. Comparing Workplace Injuries and […]

Canada’s largest outdoor cannabis farm ready for growth

After receiving the greenlight from Health Canada, preparations are underway in southern Ontario for what will soon be Canada’s largest legal outdoor cannabis farm. Located on 100 acres of land in Brant County, just west of Hamilton, Ont., 48North’s farm is about to be home to 250,000 marijuana plants. The company already operates two indoor […]

Can cannabis cure what ails you? Alberta pot producer teams up with Harvard to find out

EDMONTON—An Edmonton company is teaming up with Harvard University in hopes of proving the purported healing powers of cannabis. Atlas Biotechnologies announced Tuesday that it is a founding partner of Harvard’s new International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute, where clinical trials will be done to test the efficacy of various cannabis formulations for treating specific ailments. […]

How cannabis tolerance works and why it develops so quickly

Cannabis newbies often marvel at how little it can take to get high, while seasoned users are constantly flummoxed by the meagre lifts left to them after prolonged use. Cannabis highs are short, typically only lasting a few hours, but those who used to take a couple small hits from a joint quickly find those […]

Has legal cannabis killed the bong?

Under cannabis prohibition, nothing signified one’s love of the plant more than bongs – but health-conscious users who prefer to vape don’t have much use for them In the stoner culture that flourished under cannabis prohibition, nothing signified one’s love of the plant more clearly than the water pipes known as bongs. This was for […]

Vernon’s only medical cannabis shop forced to shut down

Medical cannabis dispensary owner Russ Stevenson is stressed out because he’s looking at some hefty fines. He’s one of three dispensaries in Vernon who have been ordered to shut down. “We are a medical store. We are not recreational. We look after after people with prescriptions,” said Stevenson of Herb’s Healing Centre. Medical or not, […]

Death penalty possible in Myanmar cannabis farm case

Police who raided the III M Nutraceutical Co. plantation said they found about 349,300 marijuana plants, 5,200 seedlings, 380 kilograms (838 pounds) of marijuana seeds, 1,804 grams (64 ounces) of marijuana oil, and chemicals and laboratory equipment YANGON, Myanmar — A court in Myanmar on Tuesday formally charged an American man and two local co-workers […]

Scientists racing to create lab-grown synthetic cannabinoids, but cannabis plant not obsolete just yet

Debanfhi Bhargaba, a grad student from Mcgill, picks colonies of yeast (each dot represents a different strain of yeast) in the Hyasynth Bio labs in Montreal. – Christinne Muschi for Postmedia (above). A slew of large licensed producers have already started investing in synthetic and biosynthetic cannabinoid companies Kevin Chen spent much of the last […]