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The Most Underrated CBD Cannabis Strains

In a world packed full of ACDC and Harlequin, few other CBD cannabis strains get their time to shine. There are plenty of CBD-rich cultivars that people are sleeping on. But today—today we wake ‘em up. Here are some underrated high-CBD strains that are worth seeking out. Aliens On Moonshine Cannabinoid profile: Balanced THC/CBD (4-5% THC and 9-11% CBD […]

Chocolate muddles cannabis potency testing

In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, several other states have joined them, and cannabis-infused edibles, including gummy bears, cookies and chocolates, have flooded the market. But these sweet treats have created major headaches for the scientists trying to analyze them for potency and contaminants. Researchers now […]

Facebook keeps suspending cannabis review pages and admins are fed up

A Facebook-hosted medical cannabis review page was removed from the platform last week after it was deemed to be encouraging drug consumption. But undaunted, creators of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Review page have made two more pages — Ohio Medical Cannabis Reviews 2.0., which has also since been removed, and Ohio Canna Reviews, which the social media network […]

Relaxing Cannabis Strains for Your Next Camping Trip

Summer is rounding out, which means everyone is racing to get that last dose of outdoor adventure in. If you’re planning on spending the weekend sleeping outside, you may be looking for cannabis strains that’ll enhance the experience. Here are seven strains with relaxing qualities that’ll help ease your mind and body while nature fills […]

Ex-Cop is First Individual Licensed to Sell Medical Cannabis in Canada

More than 200 companies are now licensed by Health Canada to conduct cannabis related activities, including cultivators, packagers, and medical sellers. This week, for the first time, it appears that Health Canada has issued a license to an individual—not a corporation—for commercial medical sale, almost one year into the country’s legalization of cannabis. Canadians at large […]

Six weird ways to get high with marijuana

Seasoned marijuana users know that the process of getting high is not limited to bongs and joints. Thanks to the current marijuana climate, developers and plant enthusiasts are working their hardest to do the most creative things they can think of with THC. Now more than ever there are hundreds of ways of reaping the […]

Mike Tyson says he burns through $40,000 of weed at his ranch every month

(CNN) Mike Tyson isn’t shy about his love for marijuana.On Monday’s episode of his podcast, aptly named “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” the former heavyweight champion shared just how much he spends on the psychoactive drug. “What do we smoke a month?” he asked his co-host, former NFL player turned marijuana advocate Eben Britton. “Is it $40,000 a […]

Nine accessories to cover up that skunky weed smell

Cannabis is stinky and the smell can be clingy. While some may dig the distinctive odour, others could need to cover it up or risk getting in a lot of trouble. “Someone in my apartment building is smoking weed and it’s coming into my unit through the ventilation somewhere, making everything I own smell like […]

What’s the Difference Between Sweet and Fruity Cannabis Strains?

As we discover more about cannabis and terpenes, we’re learning more about the connection between weed flavors and weed feels. Soon the consumer shopping experience will revolve around “What does it smell and taste like?”, not “Well, is it an indica or sativa?” For that reason, it’s becoming imperative for people who consume cannabis to […]