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Australian Capital Territory legalises personal cannabis use

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has become the first jurisdiction in the nation to legalise recreational cannabis use. Lawmakers in the territory passed a landmark bill on Wednesday allowing adults to possess up to 50 grams of the drug and to grow four plants at home. Personal cannabis use remains prohibited elsewhere in Australia, but […]

Which Canadian Cannabis Strains Are Highest in THC?

High-THC strains are in high demand across Canada as cannabis buyers seek out the most potent products on the market. Often equated with offering “more bang for your buck,” high-THC cannabis can, for some, provide the most intoxicating effects, while for others, a high dose is simply a recipe to fall asleep. Below, we summarize details […]

What is Hash: All You Need to Know About This Potent Weed Derivative

Hash (hashish) is one of the most potent cannabis derivatives, with high concentrations of THC. Since it’s now widely available around the world, I decided to create an all-encompassing, encyclopedic online hash manual. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started. What exactly is hash? Hash (or hashish) is a drug made from […]

How To Roll A Hash Joint In 7 Simple Steps

Rolling a hash joint is simple. If you already know how to roll a regular joint, it’s laughably simple. There are two popular techniques that can be used to roll a hash joint: one with tobacco, and one with cannabis. Both techniques have their pros and cons, so why not experiment with both to find your […]

Cannabis Canada: Monthly pot sales in Canada surpass $100M for the first time

Cannabis retail sales up over 14% in July from prior month: StatsCan  Cannabis retail sales in Canada rose to about $104 million in July, according to Statistics Canada on Friday. It’s the first time that cannabis retail sales surpassed the $100 million mark since the government legalized cannabis in October. Canada’s legal recreational cannabis industry has sold […]

Pot class in session at Alberta cannabis growing facility

‘This is an industry I’ve always wanted to even just get my foot in the door for’ An Alberta cannabis producer has opened its growing facility to students for a three-day pot production class.  Citing the cannabis industry’s struggle to keep supply up with demand, Freedom Cannabis Inc. partnered with Edmonton’s NorQuest College to offer […]

First Cannabis-Friendly Cafe Opens In Israel

Israel’s first “coffeeshop” that allows medical marijuana users to smoke inside opened last week in the southern city of Beersheba, Mako reported on Thursday. The shop opened in Beersheba on Thursday, making Israel the first Middle Eastern state with a specialized cannabis-consumption establishment.Read More Related Articles Since legalizing medical use of marijuana in the early […]

How the Cannabis Industry Can Do Better to Fight the Climate Crisis

Between energy-intensive indoor grows and the mountain of plastic packaging, legal weed is not as green as you would think. But some producers — like California’s Aster Farms — are leading the way to sustainability This story is part of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of more than 250 news outlets to strengthen coverage […]

In Thailand, Opinion on Cannabis Is Changing. How Far Will It Go?

Modern Asia’s first medical cannabis clinic blends into a concrete hospital complex in Prachinburi, a languid town 100 km east of Bangkok. Dotted with fish farms and shaded by tamarind trees, the muddy Bang Pakong River flows by out front. Somewhere out back, cannabis is growing. The sublingual cannabis oils at Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital […]

Cannabis Strains That Are Unexpectedly Similar

Cannabis strains are made up of cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) as well as terpenes, which are aromatic compounds that give each flower its unique aroma. We’re constantly learning more about these terpenes and how they impact the overall experience of consuming cannabis. When choosing a strain, we often think of sativas and indicas as being polar opposites in effect, […]