Monthly Archives: December 2019

Greener Growth For Cannabis in 2020

In 2019, legal cannabis sales jumped 32% since 2018, Illinois became the first state to legalize cannabis via legislation and the U.S. House of Representatives passed the SAFE Banking Act, a first step toward opening banking services for the industry. Of course, the news wasn’t all rosy. Stock prices fluctuated and a cash crunch hampered […]

Could Aurora Cannabis Fall Below $1 in 2020?

In just a matter of days, we’ll be closing the curtain on 2019, which turned out to be an incredibly good year for the broad-based markets, and an abysmal year for marijuana stock investors. Everything began well, with cannabis stocks leading the charge throughout the first quarter. But the wheels, and everything else that wasn’t welded on, […]

4 Tips To Destress During A Hectic Christmas

Hey Guys! We just wanted to post this article which one of our customers so graciously sent us. For more info please check out: and look up Layne 🙂 Simple Techniques to Fight Off Stress During the Holidays Do you find yourself being short tempered throughout the month of December? There is nothing abnormal about […]

The top 10 trending cannabis strains of 2019

The year is coming to an end and after smoking our way through, we’re anxious to see which cannabis strains surged in popularity. Through viewing year-over-year growth in search interest for all cannabis strains, we now have answers. Check out the top 10 trending strains of 2019, and where you can find them. GMO Cookies […]

What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do?

There’s something about the aroma of cannabis that soothes the mind and body. Whether it’s the sweet fruity taste of Pineapple Trainwreck or that skunky smell that bursts from a cracked bud of Sour Diesel, we know there’s something going on under their complex and flavorful bouquets. Terpenes are what you smell, and knowing what they are will […]

Why some marijuana firms are rebranding in response to cannabis industry’s changing business climate

As the cannabis industry has moved to shed the “stoner” stereotype many have held of its consumers, several marijuana businesses are rebranding themselves via name changes and other steps to try to reflect the companies they’ve become. Whether the decision revolves around an initial public offering (IPO), including Akerna’s, or the acquisition of multiple dispensaries such […]