6 Cannabis Strains for People Who Love Earthy Terpene Profiles

With so many different cannabis strains on the market, one of the best ways to differentiate between products is through flavor. Find the flavor profile of cannabis you prefer, then from there you can choose effects by strain and more specifically, terpenes—which are the aromatic compounds that give a cannabis flower its aroma, flavor, and potentially some of its effects.

The aroma of many classic cannabis strains can be described as earthy, resembling rich soil. They often also carry fresh, even piney, qualities that smell and taste as if you grabbed a plant from the ground and tossed it directly into your lungs. Some consumers also associate earthy with a woody or hashish flavor.

Earthy flavors exist in a variety of cannabis strains—some uplifting, some calming. To know which ones may please your endocannabinoid system, check out these earthy strains and their terpene profiles.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a classic THC-dominant strain that many believe descends from the Dutch coffeeshop favorite, Skunk #1. It often expresses itself with earthy flavors and sweet citrus accents, produced by an abundance of myrcene and caryophyllene in conjunction with other terpenes.

The majority of Green Crack consumers report uplifted and energized effects, which is why so many associate this strain with daytime use. Looking to smoke yourself into a few hours of productivity? Green Crack could be the one for you.


Cinex is a THC-dominant hybrid cross of Cinderella 99 and Vortex. Containing an abundance of limonene and caryophyllene, it produces a pungent earthy aroma and flavor, accented by a small hint of lemony freshness. From these terpenes, most consumers report a clear-headed and uplifting experiences that makes all bad moods disappear.

For consumers seeking a smooth high that won’t leave them too bogged down or immobile, Cinex is a great choice.


This strain really needs no introduction, but for those unfamiliar, GSC(sometimes known as simply as Cookies) is a hybrid bred from Durban Poison and OG Kush. Created by California’s own Cookie Fam, GSC has been used to create some of your favorite strains, including Cookies and CreamGelato, and Sherbert.

GSC flowers produce a complex aroma of earthy sweetness alongside pungent doughy and herbal influences. This flavor profile is built by an abundance of terpenes like caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. They compound with GSC’s high-THC content to provide a potent high, often lasting for hours.

LA Confidential

LA Confidential is one of those strains that many consumers seek for a knockout punch that’ll leave them feeling mellow and relaxed.

DNA Genetics project created by crossing OG LA Affie and Afghani, LA Confidential expresses an earthy flavor with sweet piney notes. It has a pungent skunkiness to it, a scent most consumers associate with heavy effects. Its terpene profile is driven by myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.

For consumers that are looking to kick back after a long day of life, LA Confidential could be the strain you’ve been craving.

Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG Kush is one of the most well-known phenotypes of the legendary OG Kush. Like many OG Kush-derived strains, Tahoe OG is a THC powerhouse with a pungent earthy and piney aroma that screams through the bag like Moaning Myrtle.

The exhale produces a flavor that matches Tahoe OG’s aroma, a reflection of the terpenes limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. These terpenes, which are featured in many top potent strains, provide a long-lasting experience that leaves most consumers feeling relaxed, and for some, even pain-free.

For consumers needing an earthy strain with very potent effects, Tahoe OG is here for your body.

9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer is a cross between GooberryHell’s OG, and Jack the Ripper. It comes with an earthy scent on the nose and produces sweet citrus hints on the exhale. The terpene profile of 9 Pound Hammer is composed of myrcene followed by pinene, which adds a sharp herbal edge to its aroma.

When consuming 9 Pound Hammer, many consumers report a powerful experience suitable for  consumers who need pain relief, stress relief, or a goodnight’s rest.

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