8,000 Square Foot Cannabis Consumption Lounge Coming to Toronto

A new space for cannabis culture, education, and food is coming to downtown Toronto.

According to a press release, MoCanna’s latest project by Ministry has its eyes set on a late 2019 opening. The community hub combines “High Culture” with elevated experiences in food, drink, design, health, wellness, art, innovation, and more.

Toronto lacks in dedicated educational infrastructure that provides space for the cannabis inclined or canna-curious. Apart from legal cannabis retail, a few cafes, and various one-off events, the city could benefit from a large and focussed think tank.

Kensington Market’s legacy HotBox Cafe is one example of a time-worn cannabis lounge that set much of the tone for dedicated consumption spaces in the city.

In the same way Abi Roach had to contend with strict consumption laws in order to realize her vision in the Market, byMinistry intends to follow all regulatory rules as they are set out in order to offer the cannabis community even more space for elevated consumption, learning, and innovative experiences.

There will be a handful of chic, high-end features to experience at the new byMinistry space, including an 8,000 square foot Consumption_Lounge.

Initially, this immersive consumption space will serve up plant-foward food, drinks, and related products, eventually evolving into edibles and consumables as Canadian law transforms.

Next, byMinistry will provide a culinary school within The_Lab, where students can learn infusion techniques, responsible cannabis consumption guidelines and practices, plus experiment with their own cooking using environmentally sustainable approaches.

Lastly, a modular and adaptable event space called The_Pit will be available for experiential art, music, fashion, and cultural programming, led by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, renowned Toronto curator.

Founded by innovator and serial entrepreneur Lorne Gertner, credited with co-founding Tokyo Smoke, CEO expertise comes by way of Shauna Levy, former president and CEO of Design Exchange.

Reps from byMinistry are optimistic the space will open before the end of the year at 850 Adelaide St. W., with construction starting next month.

Stay tuned.

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