Cannabis factory discovered at former Gala Bingo hall in Kettering

Cannabis growers’ plans go to pot as police discover their large-scale farm hidden inside a former bingo hall.

Following a joint effort between police, local authorities and members of the public, officers discovered the “full house” in Kettering, which they believe is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.Sponsored link

Northamptonshire Police’s Sergeant Sean Marshall warned against others attempting to set up such “criminally audacious” cannabis farms and urged the public to remain vigilant.

Officers discovered the 'full house' at a former bingo hall
Image:Officers discovered the ‘full house’ at a former bingo hall

Today Northants Police uncovered a large-scale cannabis factory in the former #GalaBingo building in #Kettering town centre. This video shows the scale of the operation and Kettering Sgt Sean Marshall provides more details about this morning’s raid. PM – Jun 14, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy168 people are talking about this

“The whole of the Gala Bingo hall and main building is just full of thousands of plants,” he said. “Early indications are that there are at least a couple of thousand and that would translate into a yield of about three quarters of a million pounds.

“Each plant is good for about three or four yields as well, so that’s a lot of profit and a lot of money.


“This is quite a criminally audacious setup that we’ve got here, especially in the middle of Kettering town centre.”

Police have since destroyed all of the plants they discovered.

Officers say each plant is 'good for about three or four yields'. Pic: Twitter/NorthantsPolice
Image:Officers say each plant is ‘good for about three or four yields’. Pic: Twitter/NorthantsPolice

Sergeant Marshall said: “The size of the building and just the amount of work, the organised effort and work that’s gone into setting it up – you can try it and yeah you might think you can get away with it, but we will eventually catch up with you and we will do what have done today.”

He said all the equipment being used was also destroyed and that a forensic team was gathering evidence.

We have today discovered a substantial cannabis factory in the former Gala Bingo in #Kettering. Officers will be at the scene throughout the day dismantling the set up. AM – Jun 14, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Kettering ProActive Cops@KettProActive

483 bags later and the cannabis factory is cleared !
Thanks to @WarrenEllison01 and his @northantsfire team, @CorbyPolice @CorbyKettRural @NptonProactive @northantsdogs @KetteringBC wardens & @NorPolSpecials for their help today : great team effort.
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“The people who make the money from this don’t normally get their hands dirty, it’s normally vulnerable people that they target to actually set up the place and keep it running,” the officer said.

“Many people may have walked through the town centre, thinking they’ve walked past somebody who’s been smoking a joint or thought there might be something bigger elsewhere.

“All I would say is, if you’ve got any information or any suspicions of criminal behaviour or activity please report it to the police.”

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