Cannabis ice cream is the newest way to beat the heat this summer

Since its inception in March, OK Nice Cream is now stocked at 64 dispensaries in the U.S.

Cannabis ice cream is the newest way to chill out – literally and figuratively – this summer in Oklahoma. Dispensaries are flocking to stock OK Nice Cream, a cannabis-infused treat that beats the heat.

Since its inception in March, OK Nice Cream is now stocked at 64 dispensaries across the state.

Production manager Todd Fischer says he turned to cannabis years ago to help him cope with a slew of medical issues and wanted to create a product that was easily consumed.

“My background personally was in classical French pastry work,” Fischer toldABC News. “That being the case, I just started working on an ice cream. Initially, it was one of those things that you’d have to hold your hose and close your eyes and say Mississippi three times then maybe you could force it down.”

As for the cannabis itself, the company sources it locally and processes it before making the ice cream.

“We actually have a local grower here in town who provides us with marijuana in its leafy, bud form,” says Fischer. “We take that and we make an extract out of that using heavy cream. “

And while the cannabis content makes up most of the allure of OK Nice Cream, Fischer says that the company invested an exorbitant amount of time into making it equally delicious.

“We spend as much money as we need to to make the type of ice cream that you probably experienced when you were a child,” he says.

“The ice cream truck would go by, you’d hear the bell, you’d run out there and you’d grab yourself an ice cream bar that was made by someone who was actually taking base ingredients and making ice cream. In our modern age that has now turned into emulsifiers and fillers and other things that create the illusion of what ice cream was.”

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