Facebook keeps suspending cannabis review pages and admins are fed up

A Facebook-hosted medical cannabis review page was removed from the platform last week after it was deemed to be encouraging drug consumption.

But undaunted, creators of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Review page have made two more pages — Ohio Medical Cannabis Reviews 2.0., which has also since been removed, and Ohio Canna Reviews, which the social media network has yet to nix.

Although the page’s creators are creating their own site, there are concerns that it will be nearly impossible to uphold their number of followers outside of Facebook, which has long banned the use, sale, or promotion of cannabis — regardless of whether it’s medical or adult use, or whether it’s legal in the region where the page was created.

Facebook continues to suspend cannabis review pages. Loic Venance / Getty Images

Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug by the DEA and thus remains federally prohibited, despite the fact many states have legalized it for medical and/or recreational use.

“While the content in question was found to be in violation of our community standards, our policies around these issues make it clear that posts related strictly to discussion and advocacy are permissible,” a Facebook rep told the Columbus Dispatch.

The creators of the Ohio review pages are optimistic that they can work around the rules, but are disappointed that it’s necessary in the first place.

“I think we have enough following on our personal profile pages that we can push the content and hopefully get the traffic,” said page admin Michael Reed. “The patients want this information, and hopefully they’ll follow us to any platform.”

But despite using their personal social media accounts and other cannabis-related sites to direct users to the review site, Reed is frustrated at having to bypass the largest social network. After all, he says, “What better avenue to reach out to people than Facebook?”

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