Featuring the new Rolling Stones: “No Filter” tour and no cannabis at Canada Rocks

Canada Rocks, featuring the Rolling Stones, has a slew of rules, including banning cannabis smoking/vaping on venue grounds

Canada Rocks, featuring The Rolling Stones, is kicking off soon and the country is abuzz with excitement as the band promotes its  “No Filter” tour.

In line with a bucket full of rules for the event, including no pot smoking, that buzz will need to remain within the anticipation realm. The heady highs that punctuated similar music events in years gone by best not venture to Burl’s Creek Event Grounds in Oro Medonte, approximately 130 km north of Toronto, on June 29.

The list of items on the not-welcome list (some totally reasonable) is long. Beyond not allowing “drugs, illegal substances, legal highs, nitrous oxide, psychoactive substances, etc.” or “outside food or beverage, including alcohol”, also prohibited are backpacks, coolers, weapons (!), perfume, megaphones, studded jewelry, drones and umbrellas.

It has been four years since the Rolling Stones have performed in Canada, and six years since the band was in Ontario.

What might be surprising to fans is the blanket smoking/vaping ban on venue grounds. Burl’s Creek is sticking with Smoke-Free Ontario Act for public spaces, which prohibits smoking or vaping both cannabis and tobacco.

The law seems at odds with the life experiences, even daily routines, of some band members. Both Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have been vocal about their cannabis use for years. Richards, now in his 70s, still smokes a joint every day with breakfast, though he admits to being unsure about legalization.

Jagger is long-time cannabis legalization advocate. He recently made headlines for giving a shout-out to Illinois for legalizing marijuana. “I’d like to welcome Governor [J.B.] Pritzker, who today just legalized cannabis in Illinois,” he said. “So, you’re all going to light up legally next January.”

Given Jagger’s stance, he may be surprised that his Canadian audience won’t be legally lighting up for the big show.

The Rolling Stones will be joined at Canada Rocks by other acts, including Sloan, The Beaches and One Bad Son.

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