First cannabis cruise set to sail this month out of Windsor, Ontario

With tickets priced at $50 per person, the event was sold out within 48 hours

With the first legal dispensary slated to open on Nov. 1, Windsor, Ontario is embracing yet another first: a cannabis cruise.

The 19+ event will set sail for three hours along the Detroit River, but no cannabis will be sold or served aboard: the cruise requires patrons to strictly bring their own (sea)weed.

“We’re not selling. We’re not supplying anything and everyone that will be on the boat that day would be within their legal right to have it on them and to be using it,” promotional manager for Windsor River Cruises Jessilin Deschamps told CBC News.

The joint venture between Windsor River Cruises and Border City Entertainment has already garnered the enthusiasm of Ontario cannabis enthusiasts. With tickets priced at $50 per person, the event sold out within 48 hours, and over 4,600 people have expressed their interest, as noted on the company’s social media page.

To keep within the confines of cannabis law, the cruise will remain on Canadian waters at all times, and revellers will be asked to consume outside on a designated deck.

“It was supposed to be, you know, a big party, a big celebration of the legalization,” Deschamps told CBC. He hopes events such as these start to chip away at the stigma long associated with cannabis consumption. “People who have lived under prohibition laws for marijuana for decades but have still been using in private,” she continued. “You know and I’ve almost been made to feel ashamed of what they’re doing.”

The cruise will set sail on September 20 from 6.30 to 10 pm.

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