How To Make RSO Body Lotion

After moving cross country to Arizona from Pennsylvania, I decided to get my medical card. In my personal life I have never felt relief from traditional medicines, and unfortunately PA was lacking in alternative medicines before my departure. Like most high school athletes, my only options were to overspend on methods that would end up leaving my pain untreated – lucky me, right? That’s until I became a patient at Urban Greenhouse. MYRSO was one of the first products that changed my view on how this medicine works for patients. It’s a full spectrum cannabis oil entirely derived from plant matter, which means our bodies are taking every bit of this medicine, every phyto cannabinoid as they were intended to – naturally. I have personally noticed relief in my daily life relative to my sleep, my pain management, and over all clarity. 

With that, I thought I’d share a favorite recipe I’ve concocted that I’m sure you’ll want to make as soon as you’re done reading!

What You’ll Need

  • 1/2 Cup of Shea Butter
  • 1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Cup of Almond Oil
  • 1 Gram of RSO
  • 30 Drops of Essential Oils (Your choice!)
    • I used Camphor and Eucalyptus
  • Double Boiler/Steamer
  • Two Bowls (Glass or Pyrex)
  • Hand Mixer


  • Boil water in a steamer, or double boiler.
  • Once water is boiling, place a glass/pyrex bowl over top.
  • Add ingredients to the bowl and begin to melt oils until you have consistency with all ingredients.
  • After the oil is completely melted down and mixed you may add 30 drops of essential oils of choice.
  • Place a folded towel in the fridge and place the bowl of oil on top to chill for an hour.
  • Take the chilled bowl of oil out of the fridge. The oil should be solidified and emulsified with the hand mixer to create a creamy body oil.

Note: This topical is oil-based and will work comparably to massage oil. Consistency will change in warm temperatures. I suggest a cool dark place or placing it into the fridge until it solidifies for use! 


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