Nine accessories to cover up that skunky weed smell

Cannabis is stinky and the smell can be clingy. While some may dig the distinctive odour, others could need to cover it up or risk getting in a lot of trouble.

“Someone in my apartment building is smoking weed and it’s coming into my unit through the ventilation somewhere, making everything I own smell like weed,” Reddit user ‘shrimpstorm’ notes on the forum r/NoStupidQuestions. “Being a military family and having our laundry smell like weed can get us both in really, really big trouble. Is there any way I can prevent this?”

Smell-proof accessories sure can help! Whether hopping on a subway, walking down the street or toking in the apartment, here are nine recommendations for a smell-free smoke session.

Personal air filter by Smokebuddy ($37.59)

Photo: Smokebuddy via Facebook

Smoke without raising a stink with Smokebuddy, an easy-to-use air filter. When lighting up a joint or using a bong, exhale the smoke through the filter. The product claims the filter automatically removes the odour while ejecting the air out the other end.

Hair Brush Diversion Safe Stash by Stash-it ($24.95)

Photo: Amazon

The hairbrush diversion tactic lets one carry his or her stash without anyone knowing about it. Simply unscrew the top and store the product. The hairbrush is fully functional, and a creative option for carrying cannabis.

The trio (stash jar + ashtray + incense holder) by Hemlock Rose ($70)

Photo: Hemlock Rose

Handmade in Toronto, the trio set features a stash jar, ashtray and incense holder all neatly packaged in one discreet unit — the stash jar fits in the ashtray and the incense holder lies in the middle. The wheel-thrown ceramic body and airtight seal prevents cannabis aroma from escaping.

Vegan and smell-proof clutch by Hotbox ($70)

Photo: Canndora

The large, smell-proof purse is made with vegan leather and carbon-lined. Featuring surprisingly good storage, the larger daytime bag can fit a vape, weed stash, rolling tray and even a gadget like an iPad.

Post-Sesh Scent #1 by Milkweed ($34$)

Photo: Canndora

A roll-on scent conveniently masks the smell of cannabis and can help enhance the cannabis experience. Made in Canada, the Post-Sesh Scents come in a combination of terpene-rich orange, lavender and frankincense essential oils.

Cloud Mist by Tokyo Smoke ($10)

Photo: Tokyo Smoke

Helping eliminate odour, this plant-based mist is available in lavender, sandalwood and lilac. The scent helps mitigate smell that can cling to smoke particles in the air, on furniture, hair, clothing etc.

F8 Grace Pipe by 48North ($45)

Photo: 48North

A pipe for dried flower that doubles as an incense holder! F8 Grace Pipe is a versatile cannabis accessory. For a smoke session, put ground-up flower in the bowl of the pipe and light when ready. Light the incense sticks to get rid of the smell afterward. Whether placed by the bedside or kept in the living room, the pipe’s sleek design packs purpose and style.

Atmos Jump, dry herb vaporizer available at Canndora ($95)

Photo: Canndora

For those new to vaping, Atmos Jump keeps things simple, and discreet. A single button control makes it easier to operate, especially for people on the go. Other features include a 1,200 mAh battery, micro-USB charging, smoke- and smell-free features and a mere 30-second heat-up time.

Skunk Sack by Friendly Stranger ($5.95)

Photo: Friendly Stranger

Worried about smelling like a skunk? How about investing in these smell-proof bags. Skunk sack comes in a pack of three and is watertight, odour-tight, and puncture-resistant. With extreme-sealed edges and an extra-wide, triple pressed thick seal, the bags act as much-needed barrier protection.

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