NSLC snaps up cannabis edibles contract

If you’ve got the munchies for cannabis edibles, you’ll have to go to the liquor store.

The province has tapped the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. — which already sells dried and fresh cannabis, cannabis oil and cannabis accessories — to sell edibles, extracts and topicals.

“The NSLC has done a good job in preparing and implementing our new retail model as recreational cannabis was legalized across Canada,” said Karen Casey, the minister responsible for the NSLC, in a news release Monday.

“The NSLC has the experience with controlled substances needed to sell additional cannabis products safely.”

Health Canada announced regulations governing the legal production and sale of cannabis edibles on June 14. But the actual sale of the products won’t begin until Dec. 16 at the earliest, the news release said.

“I am pleased our shareholder trusts the NSLC to expand our cannabis mandate to offer edible cannabis products to our customers,” said NSLC CEO and president Greg Hughes.

“Preparations will begin immediately to make sure our employees and stores are ready to execute on our new mandate in the same safe and responsible way we retail all our products.”

Under the new rules, edible cannabis will only be sold in packages containing a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC, the mood-altering chemical in cannabis. They must be in child-resistant packaging, shelf stable, and non-appealing to children, and must contain ingredient and nutritional information.

Cannabis extracts can have no more than 10 mg of THC per unit or 1,000 mg of THC per package and can contain no added vitamins or minerals, nicotine, caffeine, sugars, sweeteners or colours, but flavours are allowed.

Cannabis-infused infused topical creams and ointments will be marketed for their pain-relieving benefits without the mood-altering effects.

All products packaging must include the standardized cannabis symbol for products containing THC, a health warning message, and the THC and other chemical content.

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