Ontario’s first legal cannabis festival coming to Bingemans

It’s an Ontario-first, and it’s happening in Kitchener. 

The Ontario Cannabis Festival will take over Bingemans on September 7. 

Co-founder Tony Millar says the grassroots festival is made by cannabis lovers, for cannabis lovers – and will have something for everyone. 

“We’ll have ongoing classes throughout the day. These classes range from how to roll a joint, to how to grow your own flower. So a lot of workshops and a lot of education. People can also learn how to infuse cannabis butter and extract cannabis into oil.”

Participants can also attempt something historic!

“It’s going to take a lot of man and woman power – we looked around to see who attempted before to roll the world’s longest joint. Right now, the Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t recognize the world’s longest joint officially. The longest we found was 104 feet, that was in Colorado – so we’re going to try and break it. So because consumers can legally only hold up to 30 grams, we’ll have over 50 people contribute about 30 grams each to the joint.”

The one thing you can’t do? Buy marijuana – as it’s a ‘Bring Your Own Weed’ event. 

However, there will be tons to take in – including food trucks, cannabis accessory vendors, marijuana experts, stand-up comedians, street artists, and live music. 

A name you haven’t heard in a while will also be there, as Canadian musician ‘Snow’ will be educating the public about his new cannabis brand. 

Meantime, Journey Cannabis and Music Festival in Vaughan was cancelled last week due to new by-law restrictions and ticket holders are being refunded, but the OCF is also trying to help those disappointed pot enthusiasts. 

“When we saw that got cancelled, we thought we’d help everyone out that got tickets for that and give them a discount for our festival. I know the Journey festival was more music and lifestyle-based, whereas ours is more cannabis-focused. But we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun, if you’re trying to go to a cannabis festival – you can come to ours.”

Millar says there will also be a number of ganja-related competitions, including ‘best rolled joint’, ‘biggest bong toke’, and ‘most knowledge of cannabis’. 

To learn more about the one-day pot festival, click here

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