‘Pardon truck’ rolls across Canada, calling for cannabis crime expungement

Parked on a busy corner is what looks like a food truck.

Instead of selling poutine or perogies, the people inside are trying to sell the idea of the complete expungement of criminal records for people convicted of cannabis possession.

The federal government recently announced its plan earlier this month to waive the fee and 10-year waiting period required for a pardon for Canadians who were convicted of pot possession before the drug was legalized last fall.

The fast, free pardons are expected by summer, if the bill passes. An estimated 400,000 Canada have criminal records for simple possession.

But for some, pardons aren’t not enough.

B.C.-based cannabis company DOJA recently partnered with Cannabis Amnesty to create what they call “the pardon truck.” They’re travelling around much of Canada, this week arriving in Calgary.

They’re asking Canadians to sign a petition for complete expungement instead of a pardon.

A pardon forgives a past offence, while an expungement removes the record entirely.

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