Puff, cough, pass? Five easy ways to avoid a sore throat from smoking cannabis

Smoking weed can be a love-hate relationship for many.

Canadians, especially non-medical users, seem to love smoking cannabis. But the afterglow of that treasured toke oftentimes leads to a not-so-loveable condition: sore throat.

“I have been using cannabis for 24 years, but whenever I would smoke, I would experience a burning sensation in my throat and lungs,” says Paul Svoboda, hemp and cannabis aficionado from Spain, who runs the YouTube channel, CBD Love. For Svoboda, the symptoms of sore throat included “excessive saliva production, extremely dry cough, dry nose and difficulty breathing and tasting.”

An ideal smoke session shouldn’t leave a person’s throat feeling sore and irritated. To avoid such a situation, cannabis users share their tricks and tips:

Consider switching to a vape

“I definitely experienced a difference between smoking and vaping,” says Lily Hall, founder of The High Blog, a cannabis centric lifestyle platform. Hall has been using cannabis for about five years to relieve migraines. “I find that vaping gives a smoother, cleaner puff,” she adds.

Matthew Lunde, director of media for Harvest Medicine, agrees, “Don’t smoke, vaporize. There’s much less wear and tear when inhaling something that isn’t on fire.”

Vaping heats the cannabis without burning it—that means releasing no smoke—with the help of a vaporizer. Since cannabis is heated and not burned, this consumption method tends to produce fewer carcinogens, cancer-causing agents, than smoking.

“Vaping is more flavourful, too,” says Hall. “I tend to use less flower when vaporizing versus smoking. It’s easier to control just how medicated you want to be. You can go for a light session or a stronger one with the click of a button,” she notes.

Here’s what not to do when vaping: “I tend to get a sore throat when vaporizing at higher temperatures. On lower temperatures, it’s smoother than smoking,” explains Hall.

Add lemon juice to the bong

“While using a bong, use hot water with a hint of lemon juice—it’s soothing and easy on the throat,” Lunde recommends.

The benefits of adding lemon juice just doesn’t end there. “When using a bong, adding just two drops to the water prevents a gunky mess from forming. The lemon juice also helps kill the disgusting bong water smell and keeps things fresh,” Honest Marijuana reports.

“Lemon and chamomile tea is great on the throat if it’s getting sore.” iStock / Getty Images Plus

Sip on lemon and chamomile tea

When smoking a joint, a glass of water goes a long way. Additionally, “lemon and chamomile tea is great on the throat if it’s getting sore,” Hall shares. “If you find the tickles and tingles just won’t go away, a warm salt rinse helps,” she adds.

“I always have hot tea, coffee or water with me when I’m vaping,” says Doug, a medical patient from Winnipeg. “Tea with honey is also a great option. In fact, I sometimes even gargle with mouthwash if my throat is irritated.”

Oil pulling

“By naturally coating the mouth, gums and throat with natural coconut oil, oil pulling greatly reduces irritation in the throat,” Svoboda says.

Oil pulling is an ancient health remedy that helps maintain oral health. “In order to oil pull, put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth, then swish it around for 15 to 20 minutes,” Healthline recommends.

“Depending on your preference, you can do this daily or once per week/month. Also, add a few drops of tea tree oil to water and gargle with it. It will almost instantly stop the pain,” Svoboda recommends.

Ditch the old cannabis

Old is gold, but the same might not hold for marijuana.

For those experiencing sore throat, expired cannabis, especially one not purchased from a certified source, can be the cause. FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images

“Cannabis is a natural organism, which means, like any other plant or flower, it will always be vulnerable to factors like mites, fungus, mould, weather, overzealous watering, excess light and heat, and various deficiencies, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, iron and calcium deficiencies,” says Dr. Jordan Tishler, in The GrowthOp articleIs it possible for medical cannabis to go bad?

For those experiencing sore throat, expired cannabis, especially one not purchased from a certified source, can be the cause. Doug, who has been using medical cannabis for the past four years, agrees. “Cannabis, especially if it’s old, or not properly flushed, can be very hard on the throat.”

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