Six weird ways to get high with marijuana

Seasoned marijuana users know that the process of getting high is not limited to bongs and joints.

Thanks to the current marijuana climate, developers and plant enthusiasts are working their hardest to do the most creative things they can think of with THC.

Now more than ever there are hundreds of ways of reaping the benefits of the plant and getting high, with some of these methods providing new and refreshing experiences to even the most seasoned of marijuana users.

Here are six of our favorite weird ways of getting high with marijuana. Some of these were chosen because they’re awesome, while others because they’re just plain weird and deserve some sort of recognition.

Suppositories and tampons

While it may sound a little weird, THC infused suppositories work great for medical patients who are in search of immediate relief. While they take a little while to kick in, the body ends up absorbing around 80% of the cannabis, a much higher amount than when you consume marijuana smoking. The same goes for marijuana tampons, which are a game-changer for women who suffer from endometriosis and seriously painful cramps.

Soup Mix

American Baked Co. makes some pretty cool marijuana products, including marijuana infused soup, which doesn’t sound like the most fun meal ever but still gets points for inventiveness. To make their tomato basil soup you simply have to purchase the pack and add in some hot water. Each serving containing around 10 mg of THC.

Sub Lingual Strip

Cannastrips are small strips that you put under your tongue, getting you high within 5 or 15 minutes. These strips are a good option for those who prefer to ingest their cannabis orally and want to avoid the harms of smoking. It’s also a good option if you’re bored and want to try something new.


Oraximax makes marijuana-infused toothpaste, which helps battle gum disease while preventing inflammation in your gums. The toothpaste appears to be pretty legit, containing CBG, a cannabinoid that’s non psychoactive and that has demonstrated positive results when applied on teeth.

Weed Spray

When smoking or having an edible is too much work there’s weed spray, which you simply spray once or twice under your tongue and wait until the feeling hits in a few minutes time. Developed by Absolute Xtracts, High THC Cannabis Spray is made out of mostly sativa and has different degrees of effectiveness. You can choose from three options: Sleepytime, Headstrong or Mellow Fellow.


Marijuana-based lubricants are very “in” right now, with a lot of people loving their effects that are unlike any other type of marijuana high. Brands like Foria have been critically acclaimed and have been selling well, so you should give it a try if you’re curious. At the very least, it’ll make for a memorable experience.

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