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Pot use admission at U.S. border snagging Canadian boomers, says lawyer

VICTORIA — Canadians wanting to cross the U.S. border are being asked different marijuana questions than they were before cannabis was legal, says an American immigration lawyer who represents numerous aging baby boomers denied entry to America for past pot use. Recreational marijuana will have been legal for a year on Thursday, but any celebrating […]

Tenant who lived above illegal cannabis store loses bid to return home

TORONTO — A legal tenant evicted from his Toronto apartment because the building was being used as an illegal cannabis store has lost his bid to be allowed to return while he challenges the constitutionality of the law that put him on the street. In his ruling, an Ontario judge decided that allowing Jeffrey Brodie […]

Facebook keeps suspending cannabis review pages and admins are fed up

A Facebook-hosted medical cannabis review page was removed from the platform last week after it was deemed to be encouraging drug consumption. But undaunted, creators of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Review page have made two more pages — Ohio Medical Cannabis Reviews 2.0., which has also since been removed, and Ohio Canna Reviews, which the social media network […]

Unlicensed cannabis dispensary CAFE staying alive

The city’s concrete barriers have not stopped the unlicensed herb purveyor from plying its trade from makeshift counters set up on the sidewalk outside blocked shops Just as the cat came back the next day, so too have the four unlicensed CAFE (Cannabis and Fine Edibles) cannabis shops shut down by the city in recent […]

Governments must do better on cannabis sales

Let’s be clear: operating an illegal cannabis dispensary cannot be condoned. For establishments like Cannabis and Fine Edibles (CAFE), whose Toronto locations have been repeatedly raided and eventually rather comically shut down by the city through the use of stacked concrete blocks in front of store entrances, this is a reality that must be accepted. […]

Cannabis oil: Girl’s medicine confiscated at Stansted Airport

The mother of a girl with epilepsy said her child is at risk of “becoming comatose” after her medical cannabis oils were seized at a UK airport. Tannine Montgomery said Indie-Rose, 5, had seizures and panic attacks before starting to use the oils 14 months ago. Ms Montgomery, 30, said she was stopped at Stansted […]

Many Toronto pot users still prefer illegal shops. Here’s why

Visiting one of the handful of legal cannabis retailers in downtown Toronto didn’t even cross Jesse Cree’s mind when he decided to spend $50 to replenish his depleted baggie of pot. This week he went straight to the Harbord St. location of Cannabis and Fine Edibles (CAFE), an illicit operation that has been his chief […]

Man charged with allegedly selling pot outside CAFE in CityPlace

Large cement blocks cover the entrance to CAFE dispensary in CityPlace on July 17, 2019. A 22-year-old man is facing Cannabis Control Act charges after allegedly selling pot on the same premises as one of the closed down locations of CAFE. Police say they were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m. Friday night to […]

Texas’ new cannabis laws screw PTSD sufferers. Again.

Back in 2015, the great state of Texas passed The Compassionate Use Act, making the use of cannabis for medical purposes totally cool… in a small number of instances. Only those with epilepsy are allowed to use the plant’s properties to ease their symptoms and the cannabis that they’re allowed to use must contain minuscule amounts […]

Cannabis producer wins court battle over illegal-sales fine, still fighting to get products back

The Crown has stayed a charge against Med-Man Brand owner Thaddeus Conrad but he’s still fighting to get back thousands of dollars worth of cannabis products seized from his booth at HempFest Cannabis Expo on Feb. 23. (John Einarson/CBC) The owner of a Manitoba medical cannabis company has beaten one of the first fines issued by […]