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In Thailand, Opinion on Cannabis Is Changing. How Far Will It Go?

Modern Asia’s first medical cannabis clinic blends into a concrete hospital complex in Prachinburi, a languid town 100 km east of Bangkok. Dotted with fish farms and shaded by tamarind trees, the muddy Bang Pakong River flows by out front. Somewhere out back, cannabis is growing. The sublingual cannabis oils at Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital […]

Two solid gold bongs, thought to be 2,400 years old, discovered in Russia

Archaeologists have discovered two ancient solid gold bongs used by Russian tribal chiefs to get high in the 4th century B.C. The bongs, used to smoke cannabis and opium and found with thick black residue, are thought to date back 2,400 years, reports Metro. They may have been used in ceremonies and belonged to Scythians, nomads […]

The World’s First Hot Box, and Other Uses of Cannabis in the Ancient World

Carl Sagan once speculated that cannabis may have been the very plant that inspired the age of agriculture. The first crop so useful that some long forgotten nomadic foraging society decided to stop roaming around in favor of becoming farmers. Obviously that’s just conjecture—and Sagan was a notorious cannabis enthusiast, so perhaps it should be taken with an […]

High levels of THC found at ancient Chinese cemetery site

Study leader calls it the earliest evidence of marijuana use for psychoactive properties Marijuana chemical residue has been found in incense burners apparently used during funerary rites at a mountainous site in western China in about 500 BC, providing what may be the oldest evidence of smoking cannabis for its mind-altering properties. The evidence was […]

Your Weed Buying Habits Can Make the Cannabis Industry More Ethical and Fair

This story is part of the Healthyish Guide to Cooking With, Eating, and Truly Enjoying Weed in collaboration with Broccoli. Check out their spring issue, and click here to read more about how to make cannabis delicious. To understand why buying weed is different from buying artisanal kale, you need to understand weed’s history in America. For decades, […]

Soviet-Era Marijuana Still In Demand

Kyrgyz officials announced on August 29 that 4.5 tons of marijuana had been confiscated from illegal drug traffickers in the last seven days. It was specifically mentioned that the majority of the marijuana was confiscated in Kyrgyzstan’s northern Chui Valley (known as the Chu Valley in Kazakh). Shared between southern Kazakhstan and northern Kyrgyzstan, the […]

10 odd facts about marijuana that you probably never knew

Did Shakespeare write his plays stoned? “To smoke or not to smoke” was apparently never a conundrum for William Shakespeare, for it seems one of the greatest playwrights and poets of all time didn’t mind a puff or two. In fact, there are chances he could have written his plays stoned! Not convinced? Well, four […]