‘Who is doing anything about it?’: Ford hammers Hamilton over illegal weed dispensaries

On the same day that a handful of legal marijuana shops opened up across Ontario, Premier Doug Ford singled out one city for being too lenient when it comes to stamping out the black market.

During a conference on Monday to announce the scrapping of Drive Clean Tests, Ford not only railed against the newly-implemented carbon tax, but vented his frustration with the city of Hamilton for allowing illegal marijuana shops to “pop up like mushrooms.”

“My biggest frustration to be very frank is Hamilton,” the premier said. “Hamilton, last time I checked they had 50 some odd pot stores out there. Who is doing anything about it? I can tell you one thing, if one convenience store ever put alcohol in their store they would be closed down in an hour.

“They are illegal,” Ford stressed. “There’s been more than enough warning.

“The question to Hamilton: Why are you turning your head on this?”

Hamilton police spokesperson Jackie Penman countered, saying officers have been actively working to combat the black market, shutting down 29 illegal dispensaries since marijuana became legal on October 17, 2018.

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